Wedding videographer FAQs

Will you be giving directions during the wedding day?

As a wedding videographer, my goal is to capture your day as it unfolds naturally. I’m constantly looking for emotion, laughs, movement, fun, natural human interaction and, above all, the stories that happen. I do my best to give as little direction as possible, but there will be times when I need to direct to add to the story that will become your wedding film.

During your photography portrait sessions, as the photographer does their job, I’ll often look for the candid moments between photos where there is movement and interaction. I use very few posed shots in my films. I get 95% of the shots I need without having to direct in this session, but if I need to I will keep directions to a minimum.

How much communication happens after you have booked me?

Lots! Firstly, I’m always at your service, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any clarification or questions answered. Around 6 months out from your wedding date, I send out some tips and ideas that you may not have thought of via email.

Then around a month before your wedding, I send out an online questionnaire for you to fill in. This helps me with all the logistics of the day. It gives me information like contact details, addresses and times of events like preparations, ceremony and the reception. Once this is complete, I will organise a final meeting before your wedding to go through the finer details of your special day.

I also make contact with your other vendors, specifically your officiant, photographer, venue provider and band/DJ, to introduce myself, if I haven’t worked with them previously, and to coordinate our movements and needs of the day to assist in making your wedding run as smoothly as possible.

Videographers are mini wedding planners in a way.

What is a documentary edit?

A documentary edit is a separate uninterrupted video from start to finish. I have four cameras rolling during your ceremony and two or three during speeches. I edit the best angles into your documentary film so you can relive those moments in full. The audio is from the ceremony or speeches itself, so there’s no music added, only the music that is played at the event. I use high quality audio capture devices to ensure you get quality audio. For the wedding ceremony, I use at least 3 audio capture points. This is called audio redundancy. It basically means that we only get one shot at the vows and speeches, so it makes a lot of sense to ensure that there are failsafes in play. These documentary videos go for as long as the ceremony or speeches so you get all of the ceremony and speeches.

Can I upgrade my wedding videography package after I have made the booking?

Yes! You can upgrade at anytime leading up to your wedding day and, in some cases, even after the wedding day. You can mix and match (A La Carte) on the packages if there is one thing extra that you would like to purchase. For example, you may choose the Gold Collection but would like to have the reception speeches documentary edit as well. Reception speeches are always something that I will capture at your wedding, so something like that can be purchased after the wedding if you like.

Do you offer elopement videography packages?

Yes, we have elopement videography packages you can request. It’s important to be able to capture the intimacy of the whole event—in the preps, ceremony, vows, and more. We can provide you with a personalised quote for your elopement needs.

What do you think of First Looks?

I think they’re a great option and can dramatically change the planning of your day. The tradition of seeing your partner for the first time on your wedding day as they walk down the aisle is powerful and still very relevant. It is an amazing moment! This is just a bit of extra information on a first look if you are considering it in your wedding day plans.

Including a first look or even a “no look” first look on your wedding day can help some couples settle their nerves and feel more at ease during the ceremony. The wedding experience can be very overwhelming for some, and a first look can do wonders to help calm those emotions for the ceremony ahead.

It can also dramatically alter the planning of your day, in many cases for the better! After the first look, you can plan to get your wedding party photography session (portraits) done prior to the ceremony. This elevates the need for you to leave your guests straight after the completion of the wedding ceremony, creating extra opportunities for you to mingle with family and friends, some of whom you may rarely see in person. Catching up with guests at your reception may be challenging as the day really does fly by, so this extra time can prove invaluable.

If you’re having a ceremony later in the afternoon or you have small children involved in the portraits a first look can also be a great idea. Children can get tired early, so having the portraits done before the ceremony can work wonders!

​Can I have popular music on my highlights film?

Unfortunately, buying the copyright to popular music or non-royalty free music is very expensive. As a commercial company, I cannot use copyrighted music in the videos I produce without the permission of the record label.

​What I do use is royalty-free music. There are fabulous musicians that sell their art on subscription websites for video creators to utilise. I will spend time listening to many songs, finding the right moods to best tell the story of your wedding day. It has a massive impact on the feel and vibe of the moments in your film.

You will be able to confidently share your highlight films on any platform without worry of it being silenced, flagged or taken down.

What is a pre-wedding film?

A pre-wedding film is captured at either your wedding ceremony venue or somewhere special to you. It’s a great opportunity to document your relationship so far. You can talk about how you met, what you love about each other, your proposal, how you’re feeling about your wedding, anything you like really. Couple that with cinematic images of you together before your wedding, and it’ll be something you can look back on for years to come. This footage can also be included in your final highlights film, which adds an extra layer of wonderfulness!

Where do you work?

As a wedding videographer based in Geelong, we do a lot of work locally. Torquay, Barwon Heads, Anglesea, Lorne and Queenscliff are just some of the locations where we have worked close by, but I also work Victoria wide. Ballarat, Warrnambool and even Swan Hill, are just some of the locations where I have worked over the years. See some samples here of the wedding videos we have filmed across Victoria.

What are your travel costs?

If you are within 90 minutes of Geelong there’s no travel costs. Every 30 minutes beyond the 90 minutes will incur a travel cost of $60. So for example, if your wedding is in Warrnambool, which is two hours away from Geelong, that will cost an extra $120 for travel (2 hours each way minus the 1 1/2 hours equals 60 minutes). If your wedding is more than 2 1/2 hours away from Geelong, I will need accommodation on top of the travel costs.

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